Harsh-environment Connectivity Solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Sunkye R013&R068 Series Microchip Connectors

Harsh-environment Connectivity Solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Sunkye R013&R068 connectors are designed for use in the unmanned application environment, helping UAVs carry more payloads that include sensors, cameras, processors, and other electronics.

Small and lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles for military use are getting even smaller and more powerful as trends toward miniaturization in modern military equipment extend to the skies.

To provide increased surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, military UAVs depend on payloads that include multiple sensors and cameras for multiple frequencies, such as thermal, infrared, and visible light. Keeping UAV sizes and weights down to increase flight time is essential for these larger payloads.

In this case, the millitary-grade UAV connectors must meet stringent environmental, electrical, mechanical, shock, and vibration specifications in order to maintain a durable, lasting system.

Sunkye's R013&R068 series microchip connectors combine rugged, lightweight construction with compact size, enabling the power and data needed for military UAVs without adding unwanted bulk to the design. The lightest weight is 0.3g for the R013 Series, and the minimum thickness is 2 mm for the R068 micro strip connector series. R013 & R068 series products benefit the ultra-small & narrow size and weight, high-frequency, 1.27 mm*1.1 mm space in 1 row, and 2 rows design. With stable signal and electrical transform and with latch or W/O for choose.

Sunkye R013&r016 Series Microchip Connectors

Sunkye's R068 Micro Strip UAV Connector:


Test Results

Working Temperature


Rated Current


Insulation Resistance

≥5000 MΩ




10 Hz2000Hz147m/S²

Mechanical Shock


Sunkye Connectors perfectly meets these applications’ specific requirements:
☑ Small and lightweight
☑ Meet MIL-C-83513
☑ Twist Pin Contacts
☑ High density interconnection
☑ 360° EMC shielding available  

Sunkye Connection Technologies provides a wide product portfolio with a complete interconnect solutions offering. Sunkye connectors and cables assemblies are complementary with Sunkye backshells and conduits.