Selection, Classification, And Usage Considerations of Military Aerospace Connectors

In various circuits, military aerospace connectors are used to connect and disconnect circuits. To ensure the safety and reliability of circuits, we should have enough knowledge of military aviation connector products. Today, we will introduce how to select, classify, and use military aerospace connectors.

Selection of military aerospace connectors:

The correct selection is the prerequisite for ensuring circuit safety. When selecting military aerospace connectors, the following factors need to be considered:

  • The electrical parameters should meet the requirements, as all electrical parameters need to satisfy the usage requirements when connecting directly with the circuit.

  • Pay attention to the rated voltage and current as there are various specifications for products, and customers need to select the current and voltage range according to the actual usage environment and safety requirements after installation.

  • Installation method and shape. Nowadays, military aviation connector products have various shapes, including circular, straight, curved, and square shapes. There are also various installation methods, and they should be selected to match the electrical equipment.

Classification of military aerospace connectors:

According to different standards, they can be classified into many categories, such as high-frequency and low-frequency according to the product frequency, and audio equipment products, cabinet products, power products, etc., according to the usage.

Precautions for use of military aerospace connectors:

  • When connecting, each pointer should be one-to-one corresponding

  • When plugging and unplugging, pay attention to good contact. After connecting, you can use a multimeter to check whether each pointer corresponds to the correct circuit and whether there is poor contact. When unplugging, do not apply excessive force to avoid damage.

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