How To Make High-Quality Connector

The connector is one of the most widely used parts of the electronic industry. Connector product quality and production efficiency have always been an important parameter in the fierce competition of the connector industry, so how to improve the manufacturing level of the connector is now a problem that military connector manufacturers need to consider.

Connector manufacturing technology innovation is the driving force for the development of the connector industry, and connector technology innovation requires bold thinking, the spirit of trying to prove, and the skill of reverse thinking.

In fact, not only in the connector industry but also in all industries, innovative thinking practice and development can be carried out from the manufacturing process and product materials. For example, the connector manufacturer company will encounter bottlenecks in the production efficiency of connector electroplating. Therefore, improving the production efficiency of connector electroplating is an important problem. What kind of material is used to produce the product is also a major factor affecting the quality of the connector.

Now some large electrical connector manufacturers in the world have adopted the fully automatic electroplating production line process to produce. Now the production lines suitable for the connector electroplating process include vibration electroplating production line, strip (wire) production line and roll plating production line. With the development of technological innovation in the electronic industry, connector products have different types of connector products in different application objects, frequencies, power and application environments. For example, as a physical layer device, military power connectors on the communication equipment affects the reliability and performance of the transmission system to a certain extent.

Today, there are nearly one thousand manufacturers engaged in connector manufacturer in China. While the innovative process and connection technology of connectors are improved, terminal connection and maintenance services are simplified, the demand for hard wire connection is reduced, the design and production process is more convenient and flexible, and the production and maintenance costs are reduced.

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