China's Consumer Electronics Market is Becoming Saturated, Industrial Connectors Are Promising

With the rapid development of electronic information technology, the upgrading speed of electronic products is getting faster and faster. The production and sales of consumer electronics products, mainly flat-panel TVs, notebook computers, digital cameras, smart phones, and other products, have continued to grow, which has also contributed to the continuous growth of the consumer electronics connector market.

Once upon a time, the development of connector manufacturing in the field of consumer electronics was quite smooth, but with the maturity of consumer electronics technology and the increasing number of connector companies entering the consumer electronics industry, the market appeared to be in oversupply. Domestic connector companies, especially in the field of consumer electronics, have a fierce price war on connectors.

Not only that, with the USB TYPE-C interface occupying the market and the emergence and application of wireless technology, not only will most of the interface specifications be unified to reduce the interface, but also the connector technology on consumer electronics tends to be thinner and shorter Technically, a large part of domestic small and medium-sized connector companies have been eliminated. With shrinking market share, meager profits, and improved market access qualifications, the consumer electronics market is no longer as attractive as before.

Compared with the current consumer micro electrical connectors market, the industrial connector market has larger capacity and higher profits. At the same time, it has relatively more demanding military-grade connectors, and the market access qualification should be loose, which can meet most connector companies. Participate in competition. The country will vigorously develop the manufacturing industry, which is also good news for industrial connectors. Therefore, it is natural for domestic connector companies to turn their attention to the industrial connector market.

Seeking a way out in industrial connectors has become a coincident choice for electrical connectors manufacturers.

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