Three Basic Performance Characteristics of Electronic Connectors

We know that the basic performance of electronic connectors includes three categories, namely mechanical performance, electrical performance, and environmental performance. The basic performance of the connector directly determines whether it can be used properly. Next, we will briefly introduce these three major performances of electronic connectors.

Mechanical performance of electronic connectors

Regarding its connection function, the insertion and extraction force is very important for mechanical performance. The insertion and extraction force of different electronic connectors includes two parts, because the functions are different, so the requirements for both are different. From the perspective of users, the insertion force should be small, but the separation force should not be too small, so as not to affect the contact reliability.

Electrical performance of electronic connectors

Electrical performance includes three parts, namely insulation resistance, electrical strength, and contact resistance.

Insulation resistance is an important index to measure the insulation performance between contacts and between contacts and the shell of the electronic connector. The contact resistance of electronic connectors should be low and stable, generally ranging from a few milliohms to tens of milliohms. Electrical strength refers to the ability of the electronic connector to withstand voltage.

Environmental performance of electronic connectors

The common environmental performance includes temperature resistance, humidity resistance, salt spray resistance, vibration resistance, and shock resistance. The temperature resistance of most electronic connectors is between 200℃ and 65℃.

Moisture has a great impact on the performance of electronic connectors, and may cause a decrease in insulation performance. Some good electronic connectors have a humidity resistance of 90% to 95%, or even 98%. Salt spray resistance means that the performance of electronic connectors is not greatly affected when they are used in an environment with salt and water, and generally requires a salt spray test for 48 hours.

Vibration resistance and shock resistance are also very important performances of electronic connectors, especially when used in special environments.

The three basic performances of electronic connectors have been introduced. In order to ensure safety and reliability, everyone should purchase qualified products.

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