How to Prefabricate Cables for Waterproof Connectors?

For some industries, the waterproof connector is very necessary, so that it can protect the safety of the product, and it is also a guarantee for personal safety.

How to prefabricate cables for waterproof connectors?

XLPE insulated cables above 110kV level mainly use metal sheath to make the cables meet the waterproof requirements. The biggest feature of the metal sheath is that it is completely impermeable, so the cable with a metal sheath has very good radial water resistance. The main types of metal sheath are: hot-pressed aluminum sleeve, hot-pressed lead sleeve, welded wrinkled aluminum sleeve, welded wrinkled steel sleeve, cold drawn metal sleeve, etc.

The power cable can provide the input power for the waterproof connector system. This power supply uses the traditional wiring method, or a standard waterproof plug is installed on the power supply end, and a required socket connector can be prefabricated on the other side.

The extension cable needs to be installed with an inner socket or plug at the end of the relevant cable, and the wiring cable needs to be equipped with a plug and a bare wire end for the waterproof plug to connect the final device.

Breakout connector: The waterproof plug can be pre-installed on site to provide direct wiring for electrical user devices. All waterproof connectors marine are delivered with a stress-reduced housing and are compatible with all common types of cables. According to the requirements, the waterproof plug has a spring or screw connection technology.

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