Custom Connector


Sunkye with 69 years of experience specializes in designing and producing connectors. Our design team focuses on meeting customers' requirements with continuous innovative technology, provided customized interconnect solutions. The team provides high-quality products by utilizing advanced pieces of equipment in standardized processes to ensure customers' benefits.

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  • Combo Connector
    Combo Connector

    Sunkye's custom electrical connectors combine all the advantages to design the product you want most.

  • Environmentally Sealed Solutions

    In order to achieve great sealing performance, Sunkye's custom electrical connectors combine the most advanced technology.

    Environmentally Sealed Solutions
  • Assembly Interconnect Wire Harnesses
    Assembly Interconnect Wire Harnesses

    Custom electrical connectors from Sunkye with many years of experience will fit all your needs.

  • Solutions for Marine Applications

    Sunkye Marine Application?connector series, cables, and accessories are designed for severe, high-pressure environment geophysical and oceanographic applications—from offshore oil drilling to seabed ...

    Solutions for Marine Applications
  • Railway System
    Railway System

    Sunkye, as a professional custom connector manufacturer, has products specially designed for the railway system.