Brief Introduction Of Strip Connector

The strip connector generally realizes the connection between the printed board and the printed board, cooperates with the socket to complete the connection of the board and the cable (burning program), and cooperates with the circuit breaker to complete the board jumper function.

1. Classification of strip connectors

Sort by spacing
2.54 mm, 2.00 mm, 1.27 mm, etc.
Classification by termination
Through hole (THT), surface mount (SMT), straight pin, curved pin
Classified by shape
Single-layer type, double-layer stack type, through-wall type.

2. Notes on selection of strip connectors

The non-contact parts (pins, transition areas) are tin-plated, and the contact parts of the microstrip connector are gold-plated.
Selection of gold plating thickness for contacts: 0.25um plating thickness is preferred for common applications, 0.76um is preferred for more frequent mating applications.
A 2.54 mm pitch is recommended, and a 2.00 mm pitch is required when space is critical.
It is recommended that the working current of each pair of pinholes does not exceed 3A.
Pay attention to the insertion depth of the hole seat when selecting the model to ensure a reliable fit (more than two-thirds of the depth of the plastic body).

According to the product structure height requirements, choose the corresponding height of the needle seat, hole seat. When the distance between the boards is less than 11 mm, ordinary pins and sockets are used. Stacked mil spec pins holders above 11 mm are used with ordinary hole seats (the maximum board spacing can reach 34 mm).
Recommended surface mount form for pitches below 2.00 mm.
The needle hub is preferably 40 needles.

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