Measures to Ensure the Reliability of Aerospace Electrical Connectors

1. Select the electrical connectors listed in the list of qualified products published by the military components' management center of the national defense science and engineering commission.
2. Select the electrical connection listed in the "preferred catalogue of electronic components of various models" of aerospace system engineering.
3. Select the quality grade reasonably.
4. Standard or general electrical connector shall be preferred, and non-standard or new electrical connector shall be used with caution.
5. Carry out delivery test and secondary supplementary screening.
6. Pay attention to the use reliability of electrical connector.

Reliability prediction of aerospace electrical connector

According to GJB/Z299B-98 "reliability prediction Manual of electronic equipment", the following formula can be used for prediction.


Where: λp - working failure rate;

λb - basic failure rate;
πE - environmental coefficient;
πQ - mass coefficient;
πP - contact coefficient;
πK - plug coefficient;
πC - jack structure coefficient.

The U.S. military standard mil-hdbk-217e "reliability prediction of electronic equipment" can be predicted according to the following formula.


Where: n - number of working pins, λcyc can be ignored for electrical connector with insertion and extraction rate ≤ 40 times / 1000h.


A large number of statistical data show that about 70% of the quality defects of aerospace products belong to mil spec electrical connectors problems, and the remaining 30% belong to manufacturing, shipping and other problems. The design and development of aerospace products is the source of aerospace product quality. Therefore, it is very urgent to analyze the reliability of electrical connector in the design of aerospace products to improve the quality of aerospace products.

It is the undeniable responsibility of equipment departments, military enterprises and scientific research institutes to continuously improve the quality of aerospace products. The reliability analysis of aerospace d sub connectors play an important role in identifying and eliminating potential quality defects of aerospace products. The reliability analysis of electrical connector can be done well in advance, which can easily change the design of aerospace products, thus reducing or eliminating the chance of greater damage caused by design. Timely reliability analysis of aerospace electrical connector will greatly improve the quality of aerospace products.

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