Application of High-density Electrical Connectors in the Medical Field (3)

7. Customized high-density electrical connectors

Custom connectors are usually the best solution for high-density applications. Standard products are likely to include features that are not required for specific applications, because when choosing a standard product, you must choose a connector that has the necessary features, and some features may be redundant.

For example, standard connectors are often manufactured using expensive materials that can handle high temperatures, chemical corrosion, and various sterilization processes, and often include additional features that meet a wide range of applications, such as seal rating, locking, and longer cycle life.

Since customized solutions are designed to meet the needs of specific applications, unnecessary functions can be eliminated and additional costs can be reduced.

For example, if the military spec connector is not intended to be used in a harsh, highly matched cycling environment, does not require autoclaved medical devices, does not need to be exposed to chemically corrosive environments, and there is no risk of accidental disconnection, etc. It is made of cheap materials and does not increase sealing and locking characteristics.

There are other advantages. In medical applications that meet the requirements of IEC60601, custom solutions can be designed to design creepage distances and clearances that meet the application requirements without wasting board space or risking non-compliance. Therefore, custom connectors usually provide smaller, ergonomic, and more cost-effective solutions.

8. Future development and evolution of high-density connectors

With the strong increase in demand for high-density connectors, product demand for standard and customized solutions with combined or hybrid functions will continue to increase. High-density connectors that combine power pins and low-voltage pins, fiber optic connectors with integrated lighting or data transmission, or connectors that use fluid or pneumatic connections for saline flushing, suction, or inflation functions have entered the market and will become increasingly popular.

This new standard high-density connector combines 128 low-voltage contacts and 7 power pins in a round plastic housing with a diameter of less than 18 mm, and an advanced passive locking system, providing size, weight, and safety, And other performance advantages, very suitable for use in a variety of demanding applications.

The ever-expanding nature of hybrid high-density connectors supports more advanced and innovative product development. Soon, diagnostic and therapeutic functions (eg, electrocardiogram, pressure sensing, imaging functions, stent implantation, etc.) can be combined on the same connector.

High-density connectors will continue to develop, and product trends will move toward miniaturization, high precision, and mixed functions. With the gradual realization of these product technologies. Engineers will definitely develop new connection technologies to achieve further improvements and enhancements in contact density, size, weight, performance, and function, and further ensure product reliability and safety. Standard and customized solutions will greatly meet the growing demand for high-density electrical connectors in the medical market.

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