Connector Plays an Important Role in Sun Sensor for Space Application

Sunkye’s Space Grade Nano D Connector can be installed with the sensor in more rugged environments and extend its uses beyond flat mounting applications.

Sun sensors like a light, brighten the way in deep space for a spacecraft.

What is a sun sensor?

In space missions, a sun sensor is a navigational instrument used by spacecraft to detect the position of the sun.

There are various types of sun sensors, which differ in their technology and performance characteristics. Sun presence sensors provide a binary output, indicating when the sun is within the sensor's field of view. Analog and digital sun sensors, in contrast, indicate the angle of the sun by continuous and discrete signal outputs, respectively. In typical sun sensors, a thin slit at the top of a rectangular chamber allows a line of light to fall on an array of photo detector cells at the bottom of the chamber. A voltage is induced in these cells, which is registered electronically. By orienting two sensors perpendicular to each other, the direction of the sun can be fully determined. Often, multiple sensors will share processing electronics. All of this data is transported to the control center by connectors.

Once the spacecraft rushes out of the earth, the surrounding environment will become very harsh, with strong irradiation, extremely low temperature, low-temperature frost, extremely high temperature, etc. This is a big challenge for all the equipment on the spacecraft, especially the connectors.

Sunkye has expanded its aerospace Nano D connector R06S series to meet the demands of Sun sensor classifications. The connectors are available as plugs or receptacles with standard crimp, SMT, and PC Tail terminations for board mount applications. They provide full performance in extreme environments with protection against cross mating, vibration, and radiation. The shell of Sunkye’s space-grade connector is made of non-magnetic material to protect the connector from electromagnetic interference.

Sunkye R06S series Space Grade Nano D connector feature:

  • Nano D connector for the space application
  • Small and light, high performance
  • 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, 51, 65, 69pins
  • 2 rows, 0.635mm pitch. 1 row is optional
  • Meets MIL-DTL-32139
  • Applicable for the space applications

Sunkye R06S Series Space Grade Nano D Connector

Irradiation Resistant

Total dose:1×10 GY, 0.5Gy(Si)/s

Magnetic Permeability

200 gamma

Thrmal Vacuum Outgassing

TML≤ 1% CVCM≤ 0.1%

Thermal Stability

125 ±2 1000h

Environment Temperature

-55 ~ +125

Rated current


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