Types and Advantages of D-sub Connectors

D-sub connectors are usually divided into DB, HDB, DP, HDP, DR and HDR. You must have a headache with various types. Today we'll help you sort out the application of d style connector.

D-sub connector, also known as D-sub miniature, is a common electrical connector in computers. Nano D-sub connector has parallel pin arrangement and is surrounded by metal shield. The shielding end is short, similar to the English letter D. D-sub connectors have been widely used for many years. It has been used in many applications as multi-channel connector, but the most widely known is for RS-232 serial connection. D-sub connectors have been used for serial connections on most computers for many years, and today, various types of D-sub connectors can still be found on most computers.

Micro D subminiature connectors were originally called sub-miniature connectors and are now commonly referred to as D-sub-miniature connectors. Although these connectors were small when first introduced, they are no longer considered to be truly miniature connectors. D-sub connectors usually consist of two or more parallel connection lines. The connector has a metal housing in D format. This not only provides mechanical strength for connectors, but also provides some limited screening: plug and socket metal housing contact to provide screening. In addition, panel mounting connectors are usually fixed to the panel using nuts with additional threads that allow fit connectors to be fixed to prevent loosening.

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