Smaller Size, Lighter Weight, Space-Saving Connectivity Solutions in Robotic Applications

Sunkye Single Row Nano-D connectors compared to larger Micro-D and D-Subminiature configurations, Sunkye has reduced size and weight by as much as 0.50gram each min., 1/4 that of standard Micro-D connectors and 1/10 that of previous D-Sub connectors.

Robotics is the branch of engineering and computer sciences where machines are built to perform programmed tasks without further human intervention.

That’s a pretty broad definition and covers everything from a simple, mechanical arm that assembles cars, to High-tech intelligent robots.

Traditionally, robots are used when tasks are either too difficult for humans to perform well, extremely repetitive, or both. But because of the increasing participation in human life, robots join more critical missions. Robots can handle more and more complex tasks.

For example, in the Aerospace industry, space exploration is already dominated by robots and AI. Since they don’t need to breathe, robots can explore and work in space, gathering data on the environment and helping scientists better understand our universe. As we saw on Mars, robots are also invaluable for sending back photos, and videos from places humans can’t go. To extend using time, small-size and high-performance robots will be the first choice and future development.

Sunkye Single Row Nano-D connectors with smaller sizes, lighter weight, and higher performance are more widely used in new high-tech robots. The breakaway and threaded connectors are available in 7 shell sizes and contact arrangements with 9 to 51 contacts. It is fit for all kinds of electric circuit system interconnection.
Sunkye Single Row Nano-D Connector Specification:

Environment temperature -55℃~+125℃
Contact resistance  21mΩ
Insulation resistance  5000MΩ 100VDC
Vibration 10Hz~2000Hz, 196m/s²
Shock 980m/s²  6ms
Dielectric strength 250V
Rated current 1A
Durability 200 times
Random vibration Power spectrum density 0.4G²/Hz, r.m.s value of total acceleration 23.1G

Robotics technology has been developing at an exponential rate in recent years. With the advent of AI, robotics technology has become more sophisticated and capable of a broader range of tasks. This technology is being used in industries such as aerospace, healthcare, and even the military. Robotic has a bright future.

Sunkye Connection Technologies provides a wide product portfolio with a complete interconnect solutions offering. Sunkye connectors and cables assemblies are complementary with Sunkye backshells and conduits.