Manual Assembly of Connectors (1)

From hand-held and desktop devices to large household appliances and HVAC systems, modern electronic devices need to be applied to many connectors, these connectors are the core components to maintain contact at both ends of the circuit.

High-quality connectors will not produce unnecessary signal distortion or power loss during operation, and can also meet the requirements of withstand voltage, reliability, life (number of connection/disconnection operations before failure) and anti-corrosion. The main reason for the endless design of various connectors is because of the diverse functions and structural requirements of different devices.

Problems with connector assembly:

Most connectors require manual assembly, and manufacturers and suppliers need to consider ergonomics in the workplace and connector design. Ergonomics is an applied science that improves the efficiency and safety of users by solving design and layout problems in the workplace or working environment.

In order to minimize human errors, electrical connectors manufacturers usually work with manufacturing engineers when designing connectors to prevent inserting in the wrong direction, and locking mechanisms are usually added to ensure full insertion. Engineers also need to consider ergonomics when designing connectors to ease assembly pressure.

Even with a preventive design, when two connectors are assembled repeatedly for several hours, it is still impossible to completely avoid workers making mistakes. Repeated movements may also cause wrist tunnel syndrome, muscle strain and other physical injuries, affecting worker productivity, morale and health.

The main problems that occur when assembling connectors in the production workshop include:
1. Improper layout of the workplace will cause repetitive strain injuries.
2. If the connector is improperly inserted, it will cause production line and field failure.
3. Some military style electrical connectors require high insertion force, which will cause injury to production line workers, failure to fully insert military grade electrical connectors, failure to fully lock the latch into the production line, and high employee turnover rate will fundamentally affect the development of the company and interrupt the production workshop. Process.

The following two aspects can help prevent the above problems: improving connector design and adopting an ergonomic workplace.

It is also important to collect worker feedback on assembly. Learn how to create better connector designs and simplify assembly. Suggest changes to redesign the connector and share your findings with the connector supplier. The more you help your suppliers, the more they can help you achieve a better design, thereby minimizing assembly line errors and injuries.

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