Sunkye: Safety, Innovation, Reliability

Sunkye connector: innovator and professional provider in the field of advanced medical technology

Looking at the world's modern medical field, new technology changes with each passing day. Corresponding to the increasing demand for technology, each innovation needs to ensure high-level security and more advantages. Sunkye has been committed to providing high-quality, time tested connector technology and innovative customized solutions.

Leading medical device manufacturers understand Sunkye's professionalism and are willing to work with us to build a positive global partnership. Because Sunkye is one of the best medical connector manufacturers and always provides customers with professional solutions in medical device interface.

Sunkye products can provide reliable and trouble free transmission of signals, power, data, and other media (such as gas, liquid, and even light waves).

Sunkye's solutions are also used in a variety of everyday medical equipment environments: versatile, robust, high-density and easy to operate.

Sunkye is your reliable partner. We provide perfect and reliable custom medical connector for medical equipment, including diagnostic equipment, treatment equipment, multifunctional operating room and patient monitoring products.

Sunkye connector ensures excellent connection technology in high standard environment, ensuring reliable transmission of all kinds of signals, power supply, medical gas or liquid. Our high-quality interface technology can meet the perfect standard in all kinds of application fields and severe environmental requirements.

The connection operation of Sunkye connector is very fast, simple, safe and convenient. The locking mechanism during docking is very user-friendly, which can be easily operated by medical personnel or patients. Cable and shell can be fully sterilized and high temperature sterilized. High temperature and chemical resistance ensure the highest standard of sealing.

Sunkye Connection Technologies provides a wide product portfolio with a complete interconnect solutions offering. Sunkye connectors and cables assemblies are complementary with Sunkye backshells and conduits.