Medical Grade Connectors

Medical Grade Connectors

If medical equipment fails, it may quickly threaten the health of the patient that means it requires the products and components should meet the most stringent regulations. As a medical connector manufacturer, Sunkye's medical grade connectors reliably perform their work on a large number of medical devices every day.

The Advantages of Sunkye Connectors in the Medical Industry:

  • Twist pin contact technology, min DIA 2.5mm, super miniature size is available.
  • Rugged and reliable, High-precision plug-in connections ensure high signal integrity, thus ensuring high performance of instruments and equipment.
  • Providing high fail-safe protection. It is possible to reliably avoid fluctuations.
  • The medical connector manufacturer can offer the turn-key solutions for specific requirements.

Application Of Medical Electrical Connectors

Sunkye medical family connector in medical devices encompass variety styles, including those that make the electrical and signal connection through the medical device and equipment system. Sunkye medical Connectors are used to transfer power, signal, data or media and can be designed for just one of these operations or as hybrid systems. No matter what type, they must all be safe and hygienic. Right now matching for the Cardiac pacemaker device, Blood Test Equipment, CT scanner Equipment, Brain MRI Equipment etc. As one of the most professional medical connector manufacturers, we can provide solutions for your specific requirements. Contact us for more information!

What Can Sunkye Medical Electrical Connectors Bring To The Healthcare System?

The cost of medical care for inpatients continues to rise, and patients generally do not want to be hospitalized. Telemedicine (remote monitoring and communication) solutions solve the problem that clinicians and patients are too far away, and can provide patients with more convenience and higher quality of life. In particular, patients living in remote areas of the world can get better care in this way. The relevant equipment must be small in size and light in weight. As a professional medical connector manufacturer, Sunkye offers a variety of solutions to support these needs, including rugged, ultra small interconnect products, sealed cables, and advanced switching systems.

How Will Sunkye Bring You Custom Medical Connectors Solutions?

Some clinicians need to collect diagnostic images sent back by ambulances on the way, and some clinics need to access direct data. To transmit this type of complex data, we need to use the most advanced and accurate system. The integrated custom medical connectors provided by Sunkye can realize clear communication from data collection point to data receiving point and meet the rigorous requirements of medical problems.

As the heat of minimally invasive surgery and implantable medical devices continues to rise, we need more and more technologies with features such as functionality, portability and miniaturization. Pacemaker, infusion pump and other devices necessary for patients' daily life need simple operation, easy maintenance and reliable quality. Sunkye is a world-class medical connector manufacturer able to support this need by leveraging technology to save lives through a variety of medical grade connectors, including some of the smallest interconnect products.

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