Custom Connector

Environmentally Sealed Solutions

Hermetic connectors are designed for use in the harsh application environment, the glass sintering technology can be applied on the connectors because of the well airtight performance, high-temperature resistance, and cost-effective. The hermetic sealing connectors can be used widely for the connections between hermetically sealed packages. These connectors could be used for the aerospace industry, satellite communications, and military applications.

Sunkye Technology of glass-sintered sealing:
  • Aluminum alloy glass-sintered sealing technology
  • Temperature control technology
  • Purification technology
  • Selection of low-temperature glass powder
  • Choosing and researching of outer shell and pin material
  • Connector brief introduce
  • Glass sintering technology
  • Small with space saving, lightweight
  • Hermetic connector
  • PCB mount
  • Gold plated finish

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