Description of Pogo Pin Connectors

At present, there are two types of battery connectors commonly used in mobile phones: pogo pin connectors and leaf spring connectors. The battery connectors widely used by TCL mobile phones are pogo pin connectors, which have the following advantages compared with leaf spring battery connectors.

Advantages of pogo pin connectors

Compared with leaf spring battery connectors of the same size, pogo pin connectors have the advantages of large compression amount and contact stabilization. It is a type of pin pcb connector.

Remark: The working situation in the above drawing: the width is 2.5 mm, and the station position is 4.0mm;

Remark: Pogo pin battery connectors have more effective working compression amount than leaf spring battery connectors, which ensures the stability of contact.

When using pogo pin battery connectors and leaf spring connectors with the same amount compression, pogo pin battery connectors take up less space of PCB board.

Remark: When the working position is 4mm and the compression amount is 1mm, pogo pin battery connectors take up less PCB board space with mil grade pcb specifications, which can realize the thinness and miniaturization of the body.

The stability of the contact position

The contact position of pogo pin battery connectors remains unchanged when they are compressed, which can maintain the stable connection point and obtain the stable electrical performance.

The durability of multiple compressions

Pogo pin battery connectors can be compressed for 20,000 times, and leaf spring battery connectors can be compressed for just 5,000 times. The durability of pogo pin battery connectors is better than that of leaf spring battery connectors. The shape of the plastic gel and the combination of the pogo pin can be set freely, so the degree of freedom of the design is more prominent.

Summary of the merits of pogo pin connectors

Through the comparison and analysis above, pogo pin battery connectors have many advantages compared with leaf spring battery connectors: The PCB board space can be fully used; pogo pin battery connectors can ensure the high initial contact pressure, and they have stable contact pressure compared with the previous leaf spring battery connectors; pogo pin battery connectors have a longer service life than leaf spring battery connectors; the freedom of design is high. It is suggested that pogo pin battery connectors should be used in the future design of new models.

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