Production Process of Connector Contacts

The structure of the contact parts varies according to the conditions of use and requirements.

The typical structure and process of the commonly used contacts:

1. Mechanical processing

(1) Slitting automatic lathe:
It is suitable for processing parts with complex geometric shapes and high surface quality requirements. And slender rod parts. A set of tooling such as cams and circlips is required for each type of part. Machine adjustment is more complicated
Suitable for medium batch or large batch

(2) CNC slitting automatic lathe processing method:
It is suitable for processing parts with complex geometry and high precision, for example, military style electrical connectors. Tune
It is easy to adjust and easy to replace parts. But the cost of machine tools is too high
Suitable for small batches

(3) Single-axis forming and cutting automatic lathe processing method:
Suitable for processing parts and raw materials with simple geometric shapes
Directly processed by disc-shaped silk material. The cost of machine tools is high. The tool quality and adjustment technical requirements are high.
Suitable for large batch or medium batch

(4) Multi-station disc material automatic machine tool processing method
Suitable for parts processing in large batches and continuous production for several months.
The disc-shaped silk material is formed by several or even dozens of processing steps.
The cost of the machine tool is very high, and the adjustment of the machine tool is difficult.
Suitable for extra large quantities

2. Stamping

(1) Multiple sets of mold forming methods
The lath material is punched and formed through multiple processes. The cost of the custom connectors mold is low, and the machining accuracy of the parts is not high.
Suitable for large quantities

(2) Progressive die forming method
It is suitable for the processing of punched parts or punched and bent parts. Mold costs are higher. High precision parts and good dimensional consistency.
Suitable for extra large quantities

3. Cold extrusion processing

(1) Multiple sets of mold forming methods
Low mold cost and low machining accuracy
Suitable for large quantities

(2) Combined mold forming method
High mold cost and high precision of parts processing
Suitable for large quantities

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