Satellite communication has become a vital part in the development era of the Internet of Things

Sunkye's high-performance miniature connectors are suitable for satellites and their subsystems in harsh space environments

With the development of the IOT (Internet of Things), people have greater demand for satellites to make communication networks not limited by the ground environment, and satellite communication as a carrier transmits signals to places that are difficult to cover by terrestrial wireless networks. According to the data reported by CCID Consulting, the Earth's low Earth orbit can accommodate about 60,000 satellites. It is predicted that a total of 57,000 low-orbit satellites will be deployed in Earth's low Earth orbit in 2029.

The terminal of low-orbit satellite Internet has the advantages of low cost, miniaturization, and low energy consumption, which also promotes the development of the low-orbit satellite. To use satellites to achieve long-distance wireless communication, spectrum resources are very important, which directly affect the communication capacity, quality, reliability, equipment complexity, and cost of the entire satellite communication system, and will also affect the coordination of other communication systems. The main communication bands of low-orbit satellites are Ku-band (12-18 GHz) and Ka-band (27-40GHz). A relatively wide frequency band can increase communication capacity.

Under the influence of ultra-low pressure 1.32 x10~11Pa and direct sunlight in outer space, satellites tend to be miniaturized in size and design, and shields are added to material components such as cables, connectors, and circuit boards to alleviate the problems caused by cosmic radiation. Sunkye Space Grade Micro D Connector features high performance of small and light, Antivibration, and shielded design and can work normally at ambient temperature -55 ~ +125 °C.

Sunkye's Space Grade Micro D connector performance


Test Results




500 mating cycles



Random vibration

power spectrum density 0.6G2 /Hz, root mean square value of total acceleration 28.4G


980m/s2 6ms

Salt spray




Thrmal shock


Contact engaging and

 separating force

0.3 ~1.5 N (24#)

0.56~8.35 N(16#)

Irradiation resistant

Total dose:1X10 Gy

Thermal vacuum outgassing


Magnetic permeability

200 gamma 

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