Medical and Healthcare

CT Scanner Equipment

Sunkye is a reliable Twist Pin connector partner for CT scanner Equipment, one of our strong points is our ability to develop customized turn-key connector solutions for your devices.

Explore Other Medical and Healthcare Connector Application

  • Cardiac Pacemaker Device
    Cardiac Pacemaker Device

    Sunkye can provide the smallest custom medical connectors for cardiac pacemaker devices.

  • Medical Balloons

    Professional medical connector manufacturers will design highly reliable products for medical balloons, which is exactly what Sunkye is doing.

    Medical Balloons
  • Brain MRI Equipment Connector
    Brain MRI Equipment Connector

    Brain MRI Equipment should use custom medical connectors to provide information transmission and other functions.

  • Blood Test Equipment

    Blood testing is a frequently used method in medicine, and Sunkye has custom medical connectors specially designed for it.

    Blood Test Equipment