Application of the Sunkye Connectors in Modern Medical Devices

The development of medical technology requirements for connectors is safety, reliability, size, data transmission speed, etc.

There have been reports of exposure to the conductors of medical connectors that come into contact with human fingers, causing serious injury or even casually. The IEC proposes a standard that requires connectors used in medical applications to contain a form of insulation that protects the human body from the electric shock upon contact, further improving the safety of using modern medical equipment.

As medical technology has advanced, and the device updated, professionals also rely on their equipment to function properly. Although connectors are just a small part, when a connector is used by surgery as the connection point between a probe and its medical device, the connector plays a vital role in the reliability of medical devices. And the reliability of the connector can directly affect the success or failure of the procedure. That's why the medical industry continues to invest in connectors that are proven to deliver reliable performance over the life of the device.

The overall design of medical devices is small components, so connectors tend to be miniaturized in medical devices. For example, the surgeons open complex procedures in a patient's body by simply creating a small incision, like heart surgery, inserting a laparoscopic camera, and manipulating ultra-precise tools within the same narrow incision. The success of these types of operations also depends on the complex set of components in this medical device (eg, connectors), as well as the surgical system and device functionality.

To ensure the success of this minimally invasive medical procedure, surgeons also rely on laparoscopic cameras inside the patient's body and images transmitted in real-time from the monitors they use. Nowadays connector developments allow these devices to transmit large amounts of data at high speeds and with high integrity, which greatly facilitates the success of such operations.

Sunkye’s Nano D Connectors are used for all kinds of electric circuit system interconnections which have high density, micro, light, and highly reliable requirement. It can meet light and miniaturize demand.

Sunkye’sNano D connector features:

  • Contacts:9,15,21,25,31,37,51,65,69.

  • Twist flexible micro pin (twist pin), 0.635mm pitch, and micro miniature outline dimension.

  • Screw nut locking, it is gently when insert and extract, stably locked.

  • High density, micro, light, highly reliable requirement, it can meet light and miniaturize demand.

  • Plug with twist pin, receptacle with socket, free terminal with locking screw, fixed terminal with nut, standard mated connector locked by screw and nut.

  • Standard: MIL-DTL-32139


Test Results



Contact resistance



10Hz~2000Hz 196m/s2

Insulation resistance




Rated current


Machine life

200 times

Random vibration

power spectrum density 0.4G /Hz, r.m.s value of total acceleration 23.1G

Sunkye Connection Technologies provides a wide product portfolio with a complete interconnect solutions offering. Sunkye connectors and cables assemblies are complementary with Sunkye backshells and conduits.