Harshness Environment Anti- Corrosion - Sunkye Glass-Sintered Sealing Application & Solutions

Sunkye hermetic connectors are designed for use in the harsh application environment, the glass sintering technology can be applied on the connectors because of the well airtight performance, high-temperature resistance, and cost-effective.

Sunkye Glass-Sintered Sealing Application and Solutions

Sunkye is a global solutions provider of innovative seal solutions (such as, environmentally sealed connectors) and differentiated products to the global oil and gas industry. We serve a wide range of customers including oil and gas producers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and engineering and service companies which utilize our technologies, products, and services for producing oil and gas from land-based and offshore platforms throughout the world. Sunkye is uniquely qualified to deliver turnkey custom solutions for a complete range of High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT) applications. Our industry-leading materials knowledge, engineering design experience, and testing capabilities are key to achieving reliable service in the most extreme HPHT environments.

Meanwhile, glass glass-sintered sealing mostly benefit of PEEK and Kavor alloy material with good strength and elongation as temperature increases. Each single-pin PEEK connector assembly is carefully inspected to ensure electrical integrity.

Insulation measurements consistently indicate 500 Giga-ohms of isolation @ 500 VDC and ambient temperature and exhibit 10,000 m Ohms minimum at 2500 volts DC and temperatures as high as 260 °C.

Sunkye Glass-Sintered Sealing Application and Solutions

Sealing terminal

Providing OEM-approved solutions for the toughest terminal and splice sealing issues.
The benefit with a complete suite of terminal sealing products that work together to keep fluids out and extend the service life of end terminals.
From board to board, PCB to PCB, Terminal to the terminal, system to system, and ground connections to copper or aluminum or stainless steel or others material conductors, Sunkye has hermetic connectors that solve your sealing problems for energy equipment and drilling platform. These hermetically sealed electrical connectors can be used widely for the connections between hermetically sealed packages.

In addition, our hermetically sealed connectors can also work perfectly as aerospace connector's satellite communication connectors, and military connectors.

Sunkye Technology of Glass-sintered Sealing:

■ Kovar alloy glass-sintered sealing technology;
■ Temperature control technology;
■ Purification technology;
■ Selection of low-temperature glass powder;
■ Choosing and researching of outer shell and pin material;

Connector Brief Introduce:
■ Glass sintering technology
■ Small with space-saving, lightweight
■ Hermetic connector
■ PCB mount and Soldering/Weld Mount
■ Gold plated finish
■ The air leakage rate: 1x10-3 Pa.CM3 /s

Sunkye Glass-Sintered Sealing Application and Solutions

Sunkye Connection Technologies provides a wide product portfolio with a complete interconnect solutions offering. Sunkye connectors and cables assemblies are complementary with Sunkye backshells and conduits.