Knowledge of FPC Connectors

Popularly speaking, FPC connectors are PCB connectors made of soft materials, which are used for connecting LCD display screens to drive circuits (PCB). FPC is an interconnection solution. FPC is an ideal selection when larger wire-to-board interconnections is impractical due to the small centerline space. Because the market of connectors is moving toward miniaturization, FPC connectors have been improved to meet the expanding market demand for smaller center line or pitch space, lower profile height and easier interconnection solutions.

At present, products of 0.5mm and 0.3mm pitch occupy the market. 0.3mm pitch products have also been widely used. With the recent trend of LCD drivers being integrated into LCD devices, the pin number of FPC will be reduced accordingly, and there are already relevant products on the market, such as pcb right angle connectors and micro pcb connectors. At the same time, through the long-term research and development and the experience accumulation of trial and error, SUNKYE INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.has developed FPC series connectors with 210 types of PINs. The connectors have five kinds of pitches including 0.3mm pitch, 0.4mm pitch, 0.5mm pitch, 0.8mm pitch and 1.0mm pitch, 5 heights including 1.0H, 1.2H, 1.5H, 2.0H and 3.6H, and seven types including clamshell type, front insertion and back open type, drawer uplink type, drawer downlink type, double-make contact type, butterfly clasp type and vertical drawer type.

FPC connectors are mainly used in electronic products such as mobile phones, VCD, DVD, MP3/4/5, game machines, point reading machines, digital cameras, on-board digital, laptops, medical machineries, security and protection, and intercom communication products.

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