Connector D Type

Domestic D-sub connectors are usually divided into DB, HDB, DP, HDP, DR and HDR.

D-sub connector, also known as D-sub miniature connector, is a common electrical connector in computers.

D-sub connector has parallel pin arrangement and it is surrounded by metal shield. The shielding end is short, and similar to the English letter D.

D-sub connectors have been widely used for many years. They were originally developed by Cannon in 1952 and they are now part of CanT.

D-sub connectors have been used as multiplexers in many applications, but it is probably best known for RS-232 serial connections. In fact, D-sub connectors have been used for serial connections on most computers for many years, and today, various types of D-sub connectors can still be found on most computers.

D-sub connectors were originally called sub-miniature connectors and are now commonly referred to as D-sub-miniature connectors. Although these connectors were small when first introduced, they are no longer considered to be truly miniature connectors.

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