What Are The Issues That Must Be Considered Before Deciding To Make A Custom Connector?

The selection of a connector is a big problem. Some of them can be met with the common connector on the market. If the model of pass gauge can not meet the requirements of the design scheme, it needs connector customization.

There are many kinds of connectors. If you want custom electrical connectors, you need to consider a variety of issues, such as space, pin, performance, shape, etc., including the use of different plating and different directions, welding technology, fasteners and assembly aids. This has resulted in numerous variants of the connector family, as suppliers cannot supply them as standard products.

Now many connector models are standard configuration, which means there is no mold cost. However, the disadvantage is that the delivery time of connector models may be relatively long. Only when the mold is not used by another customer can the supplier make a connector model. Therefore, for the sake of safety, customers should order standard power connectors products as early as possible, and also consider the minimum order quantity.

So what are the issues to consider before deciding to customize military grade electrical connectors?

1. Is it necessary to develop molds?
2. What is the monthly consumption / total amount of the product?
3. How often is the product used in the later stage?
4. Is there enough budget for mold development?
5. What is the quotation for developing the mould?

In particular, the development quotation should be mentioned here. In the development of a connector, there may be 2-3 sets of molds (hardware mold (terminal/pin) + plastic mold (rubber shell) + assembly mold). Therefore, it is very important to evaluate a product in the development process.

However, some electrical connector manufacturers are free of the cost of mold opening, but there are conditions, so it is necessary to determine the later use frequency cycle and dosage, and then determine whether to open the mold.

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