How To Choose The Right Connector

1. Carrying capacity
When choosing the connector for the power signal, we should pay more attention to the current-carrying capacity of the connector, adopt derating design, and pay attention to the insulation and withstand voltage between pins.

2. Structural dimension
The overall dimension of the connector is very important. There are certain space restrictions in the product connection, especially the connector on the single board, which cannot interfere with other parts. According to the user space and installation position, choose the appropriate installation method and shape (straight, curved, T-shaped, round, square).

3. Impedance matching
Some signals have impedance requirements, especially RF signals, which are more strict for impedance matching. When impedance mismatch occurs, the signal reflection will be caused, thus affecting signal transmission. Generally, there is no special requirement for the impedance of standard power connectors in signal transmission.

4. Shielding
With the development of communication products, EMC has been paid more and more attention. When choosing the connector, it needs to have a metal shell. At the same time, the cable needs to have a shielding layer. The shielding layer should be connected with the metal shell of the connector to achieve the shielding effect. Injection moulding can also be used to wrap the plug part with copper skin. The shielding layer of the cable and copper skin is welded together.

5. Prevention of misinsertion
There are two aspects to prevent misinsertion: on the one hand, the connector itself rotates 180 degrees, and the wrong connection leads to the wrong connection of signals. At this time, attention should be paid to selecting military grade electrical connectors to prevent misinsertion as much as possible, or making the assembly unique by adjusting the relative position relationship of the connector; on the other hand, in order to reduce the type of materials, several signals adopt the same connector, at this time, we can If plug a can be inserted into socket B, it is necessary to note that if such a situation will cause serious consequences (destructive), interface a and B must be selected as different types of sockets (for example, A is male, B is female).

6. Reliability
The connector is used to connect the signal, so the connection part should be reliable (for example, face contact is better than point contact, pinhole type is better than leaf spring type, etc.)

7. Universality
In the process of connector selection, general materials should be selected as much as possible, especially between the same series of products. Connector selection has a strong universality, reducing material types, increasing quantity and reducing cost while reducing supply risk.

8. Use the environment
When the micro electrical connectors are used in outdoor, indoor, high temperature, high humidity, salt fog, mould, cold and other environments, there are special requirements for the connector.

9. Plugging frequency
Connector plugging has a certain life. When the plugging times reach the limit, the performance of the connector will decline. When some signal interfaces need to plug frequently, pay more attention to the plugging times of the connector when selecting the connector.

10. Live condition
Select pin or hole type connector according to whether it is normally charged or not.

11. Comprehensive consideration
In the process of connector selection, various factors are not independent and often interact with each other. Therefore, we should consider comprehensively in the process of connector selection, select the most appropriate connector, and the quality of selection will affect the product to different degrees in different stages.

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