Automotive Connectors

Electronic connectors are now widely used in large-scale LDE power supply, photovoltaic power supply, large-scale network, computer communication, UPS uninterruptible power supply, power equipment, electric vehicles and charging equipment, industrial power supply, railway power supply, solar energy and other fields. The use of electronic connectors is more diversified in the modern automotive field.

In the automotive field, there are also many types of connectors, such as: rectangular shrapnel power connectors, small circular connector, European standard connectors, rectangular module power connectors, insulating posts, and other products. In the automotive connector production line, the frequency of connector replacement and modification should be the most in the connector equipment.

Vehicle electrical connectors is a kind of electrical connector widely used in industry. It uses male plug and mating female plug.

The male plug includes: a needle holder and a plurality of pins in the needle holder, and the female plug is provided with a plurality of sockets for insertion of the pins, when the female connector is inserted into the cavity of the male connector, each The pins are inserted into the corresponding sockets respectively, and the electrical connection of the male plug and the female plug is realized in this way.

In the process of disassembling automotive connectors, due to the wide variety of micro electrical connectors and dozens of conventional ones, the most common use in the disassembly process is the plug disassembly and removal of the needle ejector and the harness picking and unlocking tool. These tools are also very popular in the market. Often 15 sets or 18 sets, basically meet the disassembly of all electronic connector harness plug terminals. These tools are very convenient during use.

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