What is the Future Direction of Connector Development?

The future technological innovation of connector industry mainly focuses on the following directions:

1. Miniaturization Development Technology of Connectors

This technology is mainly developed for the trend of miniaturization of connectors. It can be applied to microminiature connectors under 0.3 mm. It is a new product of MINI USB series. It can be used for a multi-contact expansion slot connector. It can meet and surpass the strict requirement of multi-contact surface adhesion technology for joint coplanarity. It has high accuracy and low cost.

2. High Frequency and High Speed Wireless Transmission Connector Technology

This technology is mainly aimed at a variety of wireless equipment communication applications and has a wide range of applications.

3. Research on Simulated Application Technology

The simulation technology is based on many disciplines and theories, with computer and software stress analysis software as tools. By establishing the product model and corresponding boundary conditions, the mechanical, electrical and high-frequency performances of the product are simulated and analyzed, to reduce the cost of product development failure caused by unreasonable material selection, structure and other factors. It improves the success rate of development and helps to support the realization of complex system applications for products.

4. Intelligent Connector Technology

This technology is mainly used in DC series military power connectors products. Intelligent signal detection can be carried out before transmitting power to ensure that the plug is inserted in place before the positive and negative poles are turned on and the power supply is started. It can avoid the harmful consequences of arc injury and burning machines caused by plug insertion when it is not in place. In the future, enterprises need to develop similar intelligent technology of other products.

5. Precision Connector Technology

Precision connector involves many links such as product design, process technology and quality control technology.

6. Custom Connector Technology

Customization is slowly covering all walks of life. To keep pace with the times, it is the most objective and fast way to develop for a custom connector manufacturer.

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