What Factors Affect the Insertion Force of Avionics Connectors?

The insertion force of avionics connectors is directly related to the reliability of the connection. What factors will affect its insertion force?

1. The contacts of avionics connectors

The number of contacts is related to the conduction of the power and signal of the avionics connectors. Generally speaking, the more contacts, the greater the pull-out force, especially the number of high-frequency contacts must be guaranteed.

2. Contact pressure of avionics connectors

Contact pressure is also one of the important factors that affect the insertion force of avionics connectors. Contact pressure will affect contact resistance. The size of contact pressure is related to the processing technology, the performance of the material, and whether the contact is deformed.

Generally speaking, the material is annealed before processing and tempered after processing, which can increase the elasticity of the contact. The elasticity of the material is better, and the contact pressure will increase. The shape of the contact can be changed in many ways in the design. But the shape of the design should meet the requirements of contact pressure.

3. Surface friction coefficient of avionics connectors

Avionics connectors need to be continuously separated and mated during use. Therefore, friction is also an important factor affecting the insertion and extraction force, and the friction coefficient is related to the pressure of the contact surface.

Including the roughness of the surface of the contact, the surface treatment process, the materials used for the contact, etc. If the surface is rough, the insertion force will increase, but it will also cause the wear of the contact.

4. Matching error of contacts of avionics connectors

During production and processing, avionics connectors have certain errors. For example, during the mating process, the matching of the pins becomes poor, resulting in contact breakage and pin shrinkage during mating.

The above factors will affect the insertion force of avionics connectors. After reading this, have you mastered it? If necessary, please consult.

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