Application of electrical miniature connectors for satellites development in the aerospace field

Sunkye Microminiature and Nanominiature Connectors Provide High Reliability for Satellite Development

According to reports, on August 7, 2022, India launched a new type of rocket called Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) at the Satish Dhawan Space Center. The flight phase went well but encountered failure during the flight of the final stage of the rocket. The reason was a sensor failure that prevented the rocket from successfully putting the two satellites into orbit, which also meant they were unusable.

The reliability of components is a key factor affecting the high reliability of manned space launch vehicles.

Generally, in a high-temperature and high-humidity environment, it may affect the rocket's electrical system. After the rocket fuel is filled, the condensed water on the surface of the booster's oxygen tank insulation layer and the kerosene tank will also adhere to the surface of the rocket body, causing a risk of leakage, or sensor failure.

The rocket launch requirements are to be adapted to various environments. At the same time, the interface between the cabins of the rocket body, the openings of the cabins, and the connection are sealed, and the electrical connectors are subjected to a 48-hour soaking test to ensure that they finally meet the requirements of launching

Sunkye Space-grade electrical micro D connector meets MIL-DTL-83513, with metal shell and core technology twist pin, the high-temperature environment can reach 125 ° C, the laboratory test environment humidity of 240 hours and the salt spray test of 96 hours still maintain good electrical performance, moreover, the filter and shielding design for electrical connector keep the spacecraft running normally in extreme environments.

Sunkye’s Space-grade electrical microminiature connector performance:

• Temperature range: -55℃~+125℃

• Durability: 500 mating cycles

• Vibration: 10Hz~2000Hz, 294m2/s

• Shock: 980m/s2 6ms

• Thermal shock: -55~+125℃

• Irradiation resistant: Total dose:1X10 Gy

• Random vibration: power spectrum density 0.6G2 /Hz, root mean square value of total acceleration 28.4G

According to 2022 data, there are a total of 4,852 satellites in orbit around the world. More and more satellites enter space, thus space becomes more and more crowded, and space junk has been generated by the jettisons and space object collisions during space missions.

The launch of micro-satellites can effectively alleviate space congestion, such as "cube satellites". The unit size is 10 cm in length, width, and height, and the mass of each unit does not exceed 1.33 kg, and the robotic arms mounted on satellites can capture and recover space debris.

The development of satellite miniaturization has higher requirements for aircraft and aviation systems in terms of equipment performance, and nano D connectors have superior performance in the aerospace field. The spacing contact is 0.025 inches, which is 10 times smaller than the D-Sub connector. The reduction in weight and space provides satellites with more advantages while reducing launch costs.

Sunkye MIL-DTL-32139 Nano D connector meet light and miniaturizes demand, twist pin contacts, and 0.025 inches pitch. It will be a trend that nano miniature electrical connectors with superior performance widely applied in aerospace field.

Sunkye’s Nano D electricalconnectorperformance:

• Environment Temperature range: -55℃~+125℃

• Vibration: 10Hz~2000Hz 196m/s2

• Contact resistance: ≤21mΩ

• Insulation resistance: ≥5000MΩ 100VDC

• Shock: 980m/s2 6ms

• Rated current: 1A

• Machine life: 200 times

• Random vibration: power spectrum density 0.4G2 /Hz, r.m.s value of total acceleration 23.1G

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