Development Trend of Miniature Connectors Technology

The connector has become one of the main obstacles to improve the surface installation rate of electronic equipment. Miniature connector, SMT equipment and complete machine manufacturers have made unremitting efforts and made some progress. And its development also has a certain trend:

Narrow spacing
With the decrease of contact distance, the number of contacts per unit area can be multiplied. Therefore, the distance is one of the important indicators of high-density miniaturization of connectors.

Modern electronic equipment puts forward a new requirement for connectors, that is, reducing the height and getting thinner. Connector spacing decreases rapidly, while height decreases less easily. The connector has always been one of the highest components on PCB, and the reduction of height can greatly reduce its volume. Therefore, thinness is an important aspect of the development of the nanominiature connectors. With the development of science and technology, especially through the development of elastic materials with better performance, the thinness and low height of connectors will be further developed.

Low insertion force
Miniature connector and multi-core are closely connected. To solve the problem of too large insertion force of miniature connector, ZIF (zero insertion force) and LIF (low insertion force) structures are increasingly used in the miniature connectors. Without these structures, it will be difficult to plug and unplug the connector.

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