Why is the Design of Military Connectors So Important?

Military connectors are different from connectors for other purposes in that they must adapt to various complex and harsh working environment conditions.

1. Generally require a wide operating temperature range -55℃~125℃ or even -65℃~200℃ to adapt to various military environments and military occasions;
2. Corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, high impact and vibration resistance, high and low temperature alternation resistance, low air pressure, vacuum degassing of insulating materials, high air tightness, anti-corona, sand dust and anti-mold etc.
3. It must have low and stable contact resistance and low voltage standing wave ratio to ensure that the electrical signal is not interrupted;
4. It must have strict connector manufacturing and processing and assembly accuracy, a solid and reliable structure, and be able to withstand high-level tests.

To meet the above requirements, it is essential that military connectors must adopt reliable design, correctly and reasonably select materials and well-developed processes to ensure that the connectors meet military standards.

It can be seen that designers are familiar with the application status and development trend of military electrical connectors, which is of great significance for the accurate and reasonable selection of connectors when designing military equipment systems, sub-systems or stand-alone units.

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