Medical and Healthcare

Cardiac Pacemaker Device

Sunkye owned the smallest Twist pin connector in the world which applies for  Cardiac pacemaker device, the twist pin contact spacing is 0.381mm and connector D2.5mm, a benefit for the rate in 0.5A working current and with 4pin contacts multi-channel to support the signal transport and transfer.

Explore Other Medical and Healthcare Connector Application

  • Medical Balloons
    Medical Balloons

    Professional medical connector manufacturers will design highly reliable products for medical balloons, which is exactly what Sunkye is doing.

  • Blood Test Equipment

    Blood testing is a frequently used method in medicine, and Sunkye has custom medical connectors specially designed for it.

    Blood Test Equipment
  • CT Scanner Equipment
    CT Scanner Equipment

    The custom medical connectors required by CT scanner Equipment have high requirements in all aspects.

  • Brain MRI Equipment Connector

    Brain MRI Equipment should use custom medical connectors to provide information transmission and other functions.

    Brain MRI Equipment Connector