Brief Introduction Of Automobile Connector

What is an automotive connector?

Automotive connector is a kind of component that electronic engineers often contact. Its function is very simple: in the circuit is blocked or isolated between the circuit, set up a bridge of communication, so that the current flow, so that the circuit to achieve the intended function.

The form and structure of mil spec electrical connectors are ever-changing. It is mainly composed of four basic structural components: contact parts, shell (depending on the variety), insulator and accessories. It is also called sheath, connector and plastic shell in the industry.

Although the structure and design of each car are different, but for the automotive power connectors, all the functions and main parts are basically the same. The main components of the automobile electrical connectors are the contact connector, which mainly refers to the core part connecting the power supply, mainly including the negative and positive contactors, so as to generate the power supply.

There are also different types of military spec connector equipped with enclosures, mainly to protect the motherboard and fixed to the car. There are also important insulators, necessary measures and accessories to ensure the safety of passengers and car owners, plus accessories of different configurations, mainly including small accessories of installation and structure, which play a role of fixation and combination.

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