Market Profile of Micro PCB Connectors

Micro connectors are widely used in many fields, ranging from computers, communication equipment to industrial testing instruments. From military equipment to new electronic consumer goods, they all put forward varying degrees of demand for micro-connector products.

Laptop computers have the greatest demand for micro-connectors. In the next ten years, notebook computers and handheld computers will become the mainstream of PC. A portable notebook computer needs a large number of different types of micro-connectors, including components-substrate, overboard-substrate, subsystem-subsystem interconnection products such as IC socket, micro pcb connectors, D-Sub type connectors. Most of these products belong to micro-products with spacing less than 1.27mm.

The demand of application market promotes the continuous expansion of the market of various micro connector products. Micro pcb connectors, FPC connectors, circular connectors: rectangular connectors, IC sockets, coaxial connectors, etc. have been realized to varying degrees. Among them, PCB and IC socket connectors have the fastest growth rate. PCB connectors are mostly used for in-machine wiring. With the increasing portability of electronic devices, the requirement for miniaturization of different types of PCB connectors in the whole plant is increased, so there will be more and more micro pcb connectors in the market.

The development of connector miniaturization in various countries or regions is not balanced, but countries are also working towards higher goals.

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