Market Status of Micro Miniature Connectors

With the continuous development of electronic technology, in addition to the increasingly multi-functional, high-performance, intelligent, miniaturization (even portability) has become one of the most important and obvious features of the development of electronic equipment. The portability of electronic equipment requires that the size of the connector, which is the necessary component to form a complete system, should be reduced and the installation density is increased. Miniaturization plays an extremely important role in the development of connector industry.

In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic technology, products are constantly updated. Portable products are becoming more and more popular, which greatly promotes the development of micro-connectors. The development of micro-connectors has reached a new stage. Micro miniature connectors are widely used in many fields, such as computer, communication equipment, industrial test instruments, military equipment and new electronic consumer goods, etc. All of these require micro-connector products to varying degrees.

Laptop computers have the greatest demand for micro-connectors. In the next ten years, notebooks and handheld computers will become the mainstream of PC. A portable notebook computer needs a large number of different types of micro connectors.

Connectors for communication equipment are also developing towards miniaturization. The main computers used for micro-connectors are pagers, mobile phones, etc. With the rapid development of modern communication technology, it is believed that micro-connectors will be more and more widely used under the new communication technology.

In the military field, due to the change of international situation, the market of military grade connector is shrinking, and the demand for micro-connectors may slow down. However, adapting to the harsh use environment and high reliability requirements of military electronic equipment is the main driving force to promote the development of micro miniature connectors' technology. High-end micro miniature connectors products are often first used in aviation, modern military electronic equipment and new weapons and other sophisticated military equipment. It can be predicted that in the future, modern military equipment will still be one of the important fields of micro-connector research and development and application.

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