Connector Quality Test Type

1. Qualification test
For new designed products, after the samples are manufactured according to the self-designed data, in order to check whether the product design data are correct, the tests shall be carried out according to the requirements of the technical conditions. After the sample test is qualified, the design data can be finalized and transferred to the trial production of new products.

2. Production type test
For self-designed or imitated products, when the finalization data is still in the trial production stage of new standard power connectors, in order to check whether the product drawings, process data, etc. are correct, and whether the relevant process equipment, processing methods, etc. can guarantee the stable batch production, it is necessary to carry out the test of the whole project for the products according to the technical conditions. After passing the test, batch production can be carried out.

3. Routine test
For batch production products, every certain time, in order to assess the stability of product quality in batch production, or after an important modification in the structure, manufacturing process, and material substitution of a product, in order to assess that the product can meet the requirements of technical conditions, all specified items need to be tested. The interval time of case test is determined by the technical conditions of the product. For example, every three months, half a year, a year and a half.

4. Acceptance test
Acceptance test is an inspection process after the completion of electrical product assembly. After the assembly of each batch of custom connectors puts into production is completed, the factory inspection department shall carry out the test according to the requirements specified in the technical conditions. As for the content of acceptance test, there are different requirements for different products.

5. Reliability test

(1) Environmental stress screening
A series of tests under environmental stress to expose defective components and manufacturing defects for correction.

(2) Reliability research growth test
A series of tests conducted to expose defects and verify that corrective actions can prevent recurrence of these defects in the product in use.

(3) Reliability qualification test
The test conducted under the specified conditions on the samples of production technology status approved by the government representative to determine whether the products meet the specified reliability requirements and serve as the basis for approval of production.

(4) Production reliability acceptance test
The test conducted by the government representative on the submitted or can be submitted products under the specified conditions to determine whether the products of the connector manufacturer company meet the specified reliability requirements.

6. Engineering research and analytical test
This test includes two main aspects: process test and research test of design structure change. Its purpose and task are: to analyze and study the quality problems of products produced in batches; to draw up new design structure and improve the existing design structure; to determine the possibility of substituting materials or adopting new technology; to examine whether the products can meet the special requirements beyond the technical conditions.

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