Military Connectors Will Enter a New Era of Digital Transmission

In all kinds of electronic systems of weaponry and equipment, military spec electrical connectors are the basic components necessary to form a complete system by electrical connection and signal transmission between devices and devices, components and components, systems and systems. Military or aerospace applications have been ranked fifth in the connector market after automotive, computer and peripheral, telecommunications and data communications and industrial applications for a long time. Military connectors mainly include circular, rectangular, printed circuit, micro miniature rf connectors, special types and so on. They are important engines driving the development of the connector industry and play an important role in the international connector market.

Mil spec electrical connectors, unlike other electrical connectors, must adapt to various complex and harsh working conditions. Generally, a wide working temperature range (- 55 ~125 ~even - 65 ~200 ~C) is required to adapt to various military environments and military occasions. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, high impact and vibration resistance, high and low temperature alternation resistance, low pressure, vacuum degassing of insulating materials, high air tightness, corona prevention, dust prevention and mould prevention, etc. It is necessary to have low and stable contact resistance and low voltage standing wave ratio to ensure the uninterrupted electrical signal. It is also necessary to have strict manufacturing and assembly accuracy, strong and reliable structure, and it can be able to withstand high-level tests.

The digitalization of weapon models, especially the high speed of information, makes the physical layer transmission lines no longer "ideal", "intuitive" and "transparent". This phenomenon may lead to a series of signal integrity problems, forcing passive interconnection components and active devices and systems to enter a new era of "digital transmission". Military spec electrical connectors play an important role in the whole system as a bridge and impedance mutation point.

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