How to Select Waterproof Connectors for LED Displays?

Since the outdoor links are relatively stricter compared with indoor links, the waterproof connectors of LED displays should also be highly high-temperature and water resistant under hot and rainstorm conditions. Choosing a high quality LED waterproof connector is usually based on the following considerations.


First, it is the basis of selection to meet the technical specification requirements of electricity, equipment, connection, insulation, protection, etc.

Second, we should go beyond the norms and pay attention to the situation of practice and application. In practice, some specifications selected for the planning and production of LED professional connectors are learned from other professions. Due to the short professional application time, many terms and conditions do not meet and satisfy the requirements of the rapid change of LED profession. For example, the assessment of aging resistance data only abstractly fits the field engineering application, but how to define the property is still based on the UL yellow card test. The application life of field projects is subject to the commercial contract of the project manufacturer or a skill application life that we can recognize. These factors directly affect the selection and planning of product descriptions, and they are also the reasons for the diversity of LED connector specifications. In addition, the requirement of single specification clause is still relatively low, which means that the threshold for the quality is very low, therefore, a variety of family workshops produce LED professional connectors at will. Some specification tests are carried out in a normative static environment. It is common to find that the connector is still qualified according to the specification when it is retested after the engineering work, because laboratory tests choose normative terms and environments, but the on-site environments in which they are used vary widely. For example, the cable gland of M16 at the end of the connector requires the cable grasping force to be 80N and the torque resistance to be greater than 0.45N.m in the specification. However, there may be artificial strong pulling and twisting in the practical application of the connector, so the practical data may be much higher the specification value. The existence of this force between the two connectors for a long time usually leads to the disconnection caused by the non water-tight problem or poor touch eventually after a long time of field use.

Third, pay attention to the planning of the structure principle. The structure planning is very important. If the rational plannings of water resistance and connection are more advanced, the product is now one-up on other products. If expired structure principle plannings are selected, the properties such as the reliability and long time weather resistance in the wild are not as strong as those of the innovative generation products even if the quality control in the production process is very good.

Fourth, pat attention to the control precision of the tolerance scale of assembly parts. Since the waterproof connector usually involves connection, water resistance and male/female touch cooperation, it has very high precision requirements on the scale. The shape and structure of high-end and low-end connectors are the same at first glance, but when you spend some time carefully measuring the cooperation scale of several pairs of connectors with a calliper, you will find that the cooperation scale of poor quality connectors changes greatly. That is, the stability of the connection is not ensured, and the consistency of the product batch is poor.

Fifth, pay attention to the quality control system in connector factories. It is easy for a connector company to do a supply test of a pair of connectors, and they can get excellent test scores. However, when you arrive at the factory, you will find that there are no inspection specifications of materials, no necessary test links for products of the factory and no revise and review procedures for non-conforming products. All of these problems have affected the quality of the products, that is to say, the products are only 100% qualified, but they are not qualified for 1000‰ or 10000‱. In the long run, good quality system control is even the most important reference element for lighting manufacturers to choose connector manufacturers, otherwise, trying to save a little in the quality system control will lead to great losses. As a whole, the products of companies with larger production scales and better skill inspection equipment have a better commodity quality control and product stability correspondingly.

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