About the Problem of Poor Contact of Circular Connector and How to Distinguish

The rectangular sealed connector has the advantages of advanced structure, high reliability, and convenient use, so it is used in more and more instruments, meters and other equipment. However, some users report poor contact during use, which makes its use more troublesome.

1. Reasons for poor contact of rectangular sealed connectors

The poor contact of the rectangular sealed connector is due to the internal reasons of the product itself, the poor contact caused by the interconnection of the components, and the poor contact caused by the virtual welding during the production process.

Generally, the pins or terminals of rectangular sealed connectors have a layer of plating, and there are many materials for the plating, such as pure tin plating, gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, and so on. When the device is in contact, it is mainly the contact between these coatings. Different coating materials have different conductivity and therefore exhibit different contact resistances.

When welding, because the process itself is an alloy process, it is itself a conductor, so the welding itself will not produce poor contact, unless the welding is not good during welding.

Therefore, the good contact of the rectangular sealed connector mainly depends on whether the two contact surfaces are in good contact, which is related to its coating material. Generally, the conductivity of gold is relatively high.

When the surface of the rectangular sealed connector is oxidized, it may affect the contact problem, and the contact pressure of the connector is too small, then the phenomenon of poor contact will occur. The greater the contact pressure, the better the contact.  If the elasticity of the hole contact of the connector is not good, the contact pressure will naturally become smaller, and the contact will not be so good.

In order to ensure good contact of the rectangular sealed connector, it is recommended not to store it in the humid or strong acid or alkali environment to avoid oxidation and corrosion. In addition, do not be sloppy or rough during use to prevent the connector joint from being deformed.

2. How to distinguish rectangular sealed connectors?

Rectangular sealed connectors usually have a plastic or metal shell surrounding the contacts, which is embedded in an insulating material to maintain their alignment. These terminals are usually paired with cables, and this structure makes them particularly resistant to environmental interference and accidental decoupling.

In addition to distinguishing by the number of pins, we can also distinguish circular connectors based on manufacturing specifications, sizes, connection angles, and connection and disconnection modes.

① Standards: Military standard connectors usually refer to connectors whose design conforms to German or American military standards;

② The DIN standard includes high-frequency functions and iconic functions, such as protective metal shells and round terminals with notches. This structure can ensure that they are matched with the correct pair;

③ Micro and nano micro connectors have smaller pin and socket diameters and narrower pitch contacts. This structure helps save surface space on the terminal surface and reduces the additional weight of the connector to the component .

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