The Development Trend of High-voltage Connectors for New Energy Vehicles

From the perspective of the whole vehicle, we can see the trend of platformization and modularization of vehicles. For high-voltage connectors, there may be fewer and fewer connectors, but from an overall perspective, this is still a huge market.

1. Higher current

In the short term, because the voltage platform of the entire vehicle cannot be rapidly increased, as the cruising range increases and other requirements, the current increase is certain, which requires the power plug-in to withstand higher current.

Most of the current industry standards are based on the 8 mm terminal as the contact, which generally can only withstand the rated current of about 250A. How to increase the current and reduce the temperature rise, so as to maximize the use of the electrical conductivity of the cable, and reduce the square number of the cable is a key consideration for the custom connector manufacturer.

Of course, you can also try to consider associating the cooling system with the power plug-in circuit to achieve the goals of large current, small temperature rise, and lighter weight;

2. Data analysis, environmental simulation

The entire development of electric vehicles in the past 20 years has also accumulated more data for vehicles. These data will be very effective to help build a complete environmental model, which can effectively simulate and analyze the service life, safety hazards, and failure mechanisms of automobile parts and components.

Connector manufacturers have also accumulated a lot of practical application experience and database. By making better use of these actual data and performing mathematical simulation modeling, practical problems can be avoided more reasonably from the design side. At the same time, by making better use of digital construction environment models, the service life of the connector can be better simulated.

3. The connector of the future

As cars become more and more intelligent, the connector will never merely serve as an electrical connection point for transmission in future smart cars. This is very different from traditional cars. In the future, military style electrical connectors may become modular, and their functions will change with the changes in the application scenarios of the car parts;

At the same time, the emergence of intelligent driving will make the stability of the connection for transmission become a mandatory condition, and the reliability of electrical performance and other performance will be raised to a higher level;

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