What Kind of Electrical Connectors Are Needed in the Medical Field?

1. The market demand for medical connectors is growing day by day

The irreversible trend in the medical connector market is getting smaller, lighter, and more ergonomic. This trend strongly drives the demand for high-density medical connectors.

2. What kind of medical connectors is needed?

The strong growth in demand for high-density electrical connectors is driven by many factors, but mainly size, weight, and functional requirements. Medical connectors are now becoming more important in the medical market.

Cardiac electrophysiology equipment. High-performance, critical equipment medical applications also require high-density electrical connectors.

The design challenges of high-density medical device connectors. Since the demand for high-density electrical connectors mainly comes from the medical equipment market, compliance with safety standards such as IEC 60601 is essential.

Creepage distance and clearance. The international medical equipment electrical safety standard IEC60601 has strict requirements on the creepage distance and clearance between the PIN pins of medical connectors.

Locking mechanism. To improve safety, IEC stipulates a locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnection during medical procedures.

Standard high-density medical connector. In order to cope with the increasing demand of the higher density connector market, many manufacturers are developing standard, off-the-shelf high-density connector solutions, which are effective and feasible.

Customized high-density medical connectors. Customized solutions are designed to meet the needs of specific applications, which can eliminate unnecessary functions and reduce additional costs.

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