Do You Know All of These Circular Connector Termination Types?

The type of termination determines the nature of the connection between the contacts in each connector assembly. Options vary depending on cost, ease of connection and disconnection, and protection against tampering, wear and environmental damage.

Due to the different purpose and function of the connection, the circular electrical connectors has a variety of contact dimensions and the diameter of the housing ruler.
Like other mil spec electrical connectors, circular connector has many different termination types. Different termination types bring different performance, so what are the termination types of circular connectors?

1. Insulation displacement: the pin in the plug penetrates or pushes the insulation around the corresponding jack in the socket, contacts and forms electricity
Gas connection.
2. Welding: using an intermediate metal with a low melting point, the metal contacts two contacts, thus creating a current between the elements
Build permanent access.
3. Winding: the wire connected to the socket side of the military spec connector is connected to another terminal. The wire is wound around the socket of the plug,
So the exposed part contacts the jack.
4. Screw or lug: external hardware adheres to threaded (screw J) or unthreaded (lug) holes in the protective cover around each terminal to secure the connection in place.
5. Crimping: the contact barrel is compressed around the conductor to complete the electrical connection.

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