Aircraft / UAV

Aircraft / UAV

Modern military and commercial aircraft use a large number of electrical and electronic systems to monitor and fly the aircraft, manage the engine, provide communication, etc. at the same time, coupled with some entertainment equipment, the installation of these systems means that each aircraft needs hundreds or even thousands of connector devices.

As we all know, manufacturers in the aerospace field have the highest requirements for the electrical and electronic interconnection industry. As with the military, the selection and use of aerospace connectors are greatly influenced by standards and approvals, overall performance and weight, and space savings.

The location and application determine the requirements to be met by the connector. These requirements include dielectric withstand voltage, operating temperature, insulation resistance and electromagnetic interference resistance, vibration / shock, flammability and smoke / toxicity, etc. Generally, the most important requirement for airborne electronic connector is to be able to handle shock, vibration, general durability and temperature cycle.
    Application for Aircraft / UAV

    Sunkye EMI filtered Connector is designed to meet stringent aerospace performance requirements. Each connector series is offered with standard low-pass Pi or C filter arrays, or with customized filters to meet specific frequency and capacitance requirements. Thermally conductive epoxy protects the filter package from mechanical and heat stress and also provides a waterproof seal. All filtered receptacles are intermateable with standard plugs and connector savers, and each respective family of connectors is supplied with a range of shell styles in both environmental and hermetic configurations.

  • UMV

    The importance of UMV in modern warfare is as significant as that of aircraft electrical connectors to UMV.

  • The UGV Landing

    UGVs are responsible for dangerous tasks, and Sunkye's electrical connectors are responsible for keeping them stable.

    Sensor System Solution

    Aircraft electrical connectors can also be applied to sensors due to their high performance such as precision and stability.

  • UGV


    UGV has huge advantages in modern warfare, and Sunkye's electronical connectors helps them show their best performance.

  • UAV

    Sunkye's aircraft electrical connectors can eliminate various adverse effects and make better use of UAV performance.

Rectangular connectors can stack multiple connectors, so they can provide higher contact density. This is a big advantage if the space is limited and the I / O count is high. At the same time, connection and wiring density are also very important size considerations.

It is worth mentioning that because of the increasing frequency and data transmission requirements of commercial aircraft, the connectors of commercial aircraft need multi-function to meet different applications. Includes insertion options for signal, power, RF, and fiber terminals, as well as hybrid insertion that can include all of these options.

For the aircraft electrical cable connectors applied in the fuselage, higher data transmission rate and the distance that data must pass are also critical. Some solutions need to design the signal integrity of the whole cable components and connectors, and select the solid and reliable connectors that meet the requirements of data rate and EMI shielding.

For high-speed data links (copper optics, fiber optics) are increasing. If the aircraft power connectors can adapt to the high speed, but still can not make the terminal too cumbersome, it can meet the needs of more customers.