Oil And Gas And Marine Connectors

Oil And Gas And Marine Connectors

Sunkye is a global solutions provider of innovative seal solutions and differentiated products to the global oil and gas industry. We serve a wide range of customers including oil and gas producers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and engineering and service companies which utilize our technologies, products, and services for producing oil and gas from land-based and offshore platforms throughout the world. Sunkye is qualified to deliver turnkey custom solutions for a complete range of High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT) applications. Our industry-leading materials knowledge, engineering design experience, and testing capabilities are key to achieving reliable service in the most extreme HPHT environments.

Application Of Oil And Gas And Marine Connectors

High Qualitified Performance Sealed hermetic anti chemical corrotion apply for wellhead and subsea interconnect solution.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Oil Connectors In Oil And Gas Industry?

With modern connector technology, the oil and gas industry can realize benefits in many fields. A more intelligent system can integrate information from all involved sensors to more accurately and timely describe whether the drilling is accurately mined, whether the involved machinery is running smoothly and whether the drilling productivity is large. It can track and maintain data, identify inefficient processes and potential safety problems, and monitor the pipeline, so that the problem can be found before it becomes worse .

Working Principles Of Optical Fiber With Oil And Gas Connectors

The intellectualization of oil and gas exploration and production makes the producers pursue the real-time information and analysis of individual oil field and drilling platform from oil field to sea or shore. Optical fiber can allow more data flow and longer edge detection distance (that is, the distance between marine facilities and sea facilities). Because the change of pressure or temperature can affect the backscatter environment, by monitoring the backscatter light source, the relevant changes can be measured accurately. In addition, the speed of the light in the fiber has been widely known, so the backscatter light can display the size of the value and its position on the whole fiber and other information.

We specialize in developing products for some of the most demanding applications, whether it's the seabed, the bottom of the mine or the bottom of the oil well, we can provide you with premier solutions. Our mil spec connectors meet the demanding application requirements through advanced cable design and manufacturing technology.

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