Oil & Gas & Marine

PEEK Terminal Connector

The benefit of PEEK and Kavor alloy material with good strength and elongation as temperature increases. Each single-pin PEEK terminal connector assembly is carefully inspected to ensure electrical integrity. Insulation measurements consistently indicate 500 Giga-ohms of isolation @ 500 VDC and ambient temperature and exhibit 10,000 mOhms minimum at 2500 volts DC and temperatures as high as 260°C.

Explore Other Oil & Gas & Marine Connector Application

  • Sensor Connection Drilling System
    Sensor Connection Drilling System

    Underground and underwater application benefit for the high pressure and harshness environment with the high performance of anti-air leak: helium leak test @1×10^-3Pa.cm^3/s and Temperature shock: -...

  • HTHP Connector

    Sunkye provides oil and gas connectors to the global oil and gas industry, and we are confident in the quality of our services.

    HTHP Connector
  • Electrical Connector
    Electrical Connector

    Oil and gas electrical connectors are the key equipment needed for electronic products.

  • Mechanical Feed Thru Terminal

    Sunkye's oil and gas connectors have the rugged quality and performance we are proud of.

    Mechanical Feed Thru Terminal
  • Glass Sintered Sealing Connector
    Glass Sintered Sealing Connector

    Due to the need for sealed packaging, hermetic connectors came into being.

  • Sealing Terminal
    Sealing Terminal

    Providing OEM-approved solutions for the toughest terminal and splice sealing issues.The benefit with a complete suite of terminal sealing products that work together to keep fluids out and extend the...

  • Sunkye Firing Head Connector for Perforating Gun Equipment

    Sunkye firing head connector is specially prepared to ensure smooth perforation.

    Sunkye Firing Head Connector for Perforating Gun Equipment