How Does Connector Solutions Work for UAV Communication?

Sunkye Connectors in UAVs provide an interface for routing power, data, and signals to and from different subsystems within the platform.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are being increasingly utilized in practical applications such as military operations and exploration. Due to the need to perform various tasks efficiently, UAV systems are becoming more important in mission planning. Drones equipped with high-performance connectors exhibit faster, more efficient, more reliable, and better coping capabilities with complex scenarios.

Designing and manufacturing connectors with attractive, predictable, and repeatable performance characteristics presents significant challenges, particularly when they must withstand harsh environmental conditions. High-quality electrical contacts (i.e. pins and sockets) are the foundation of any high-performance connector, making them an excellent starting point. Electrical contacts play a crucial role in the integrity and reliability of signal transmission, particularly in drone communications. For instance, unmanned equipment designed to discover hidden underground oil reserves requires contacts with the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme shock and vibration, moisture, dust, dirt and other contaminants, and high voltages.

The purpose of connectors in drones is to ensure reliable transmission of data, power, and signals, even under extreme conditions. Therefore, the connector is critical for successful communication between the drone and its pilot.

Connectors are essential in supporting communications for unmanned aerial vehicle systems. To perform at the required level for successful mission execution, Sunkye connectors must be smaller in size, weight, and power consumption while considering shock and vibration, environmental durability, and fluid resistance when designing connectors specifically for aerospace, defense, and detection applications.

Sunkye's R04J and R04A series Micro-D connectors offer rugged, lightweight construction and compact size to meet the power and data requirements of military drones without adding unnecessary bulk to the design. They benefit from ultra-small, lightweight, high frequency, and 1.27mm*1.1mm pitch.

Sunkye Micro-D Connectors’ specifications:


Test Results

Working Temperature


Rated Current


Insulation Resistance

≥5000 MΩ


500 times


10 Hz~2000Hz,147/S2

Mechanical Shock

735/S2 11ms

Sunkye Connectors perfectly meets these applications’ specific requirements:

☑ small and lightweight
☑ Shorten transmission time
☑ Miniaturization and high density
☑ High density interconnection
☑ High dielectric strength
☑ Minimum maintenance due to highly durable solutions
☑ Reliable anti-jamming connectivity solutions

Sunkye Connection Technologies provides a wide product portfolio with a complete interconnect solutions offering. Sunkye connectors and cables assemblies are complementary with Sunkye backshells and conduits.