What factors affect the life of the connector contacts?

The environmental application of the connector is complicated. In order to ensure that its performance is still stable under different environmental conditions, the requirements for environmental adaptability are relatively high.

However, even if the connector has strong adaptability to the environment, the impact of environmental factors on the standard connectors cannot be ignored during long-term use, especially the contacts are more susceptible to environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, vibration, and so on. Consequently, its service life may be shortened.

1. The influence of humidity on the connector socket contacts

When the humidity in the environment is too high, the water reacts with the metal parts, causing corrosion, and the insulation of the electronic jack decreases and the conductivity increases. The greater the humidity in the environment, the more it will affect the service life of the connector socket contacts. Therefore, many products have adopted materials that are less affected by humidity.

2. The influence of temperature on the connector socket contacts

In different seasons, the temperature is different. Especially in summer, because the ambient temperature is high, combined with the presence of current after connection, there will be increase heat, causing the temperature of jack to rise easily, and high temperature will change the service life of the connector socket contacts. The general working temperature of the connector socket contacts is -60 to 200 ℃.

3. The influence of salt mist on the connector socket contacts

The study found that when the temperature is 35°C and the concentration of salt solution is 3%, it will corrode the metal parts. Once the metal sheet of connector socket contacts corrodes, its performance will decrease.

In addition, vibration and shock will also affect the service life of the connector socket contacts. When there are vibration and shock in the use environment, the robustness of the connection of connector will be affected. Therefore, during production, in order to extend the service life of the product, manufacturer will test the performance of products in vibration and shock environment before the delivery of products.

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