Spacecraft Innovation Drives One Moon Mission after Another

Sunkye’s space gradeR06S seriesNano connectors with high performance are designed for aerospace applications.

The world is eyeing the Moon’s resources, till now, many countries planning to launch the Moon try to find more resources from the Moon.

With the development of the aerospace industry, China’s aerospace team keep working on Moon detectionforyears. China is developing many robotic spacecrafts to land on the moon and going to searchfor water with other countries at the lunar south pole. This series of robotic spacecraft called Chang'e. Till now, Chang'e 1-5 have joined the mission. The Chang'e 6, and the Chang'e 7 lunar missions are planned to launch around 2025 and 2026 and will survey the moon from orbit while also landing at and exploring the lunar south pole.

During the mission,the various components of the equipment are critical. As we all know, when the spacecraft rushes out of the earth, it faces very harsh environments, the conversion of high temperature and extremely low temperature, the influence of solar radiation, etc.

Sunkye’s space grade Nano connector is designed for harsh environments. Rectangle Nano D with one row or two rows andcircular Nano designs fix various equipment.

Sunkye R06S Series Space Grade Nano Connector

Irradiation Resistant

Total dose:1×10 GY, 0.5Gy(Si)/s

Magnetic Permeability

200 gamma

Thrmal Vacuum Outgassing

TML≤ 1% CVCM≤ 0.1%

Thermal Stability


Environment Temperature

-55℃~ +125℃

Rated Current


For the unknown universe, human beings have been exploring a lot of possibilities. With the development of science and technology, we can see more aspects of the universe. In the future, not only the Moon, but also more and more planets are waiting for human beings to explore.

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